How to Get a Small Business Loan

Thinking about your own business is always a good option when to generate more revenue. A small business can help you have a stronger or more stable finance. But, how to start a small business? If this is your desire, then you should read this note to the end. This time, we’ll tell you some… Read More »

Home Improvement Loan – Renovate Home at Low-Cost Finance

Have the house of your dreams is no longer unattainable. Currently, there are loans for improvements you want your home to make it a comfortable place. Do you want to make repairs to your home? Now, with a home improvement loan, you can arrange your children’s room, bathroom remodels, expand a space, get the kitchen… Read More »

All about Federal Student Loan Consolidation and Its Specific Features

Currently, through a Student Loan Consolidation, students they have at their disposal a financial tool that allows them to manage multiple debts at once. These debts have generally been acquired during his college career, not just for paying their student enrollment, but for other types of expenses arising from the student: from books, materials, to… Read More »

Your perfect holiday according to the direction of projects

Choose your perfect holiday can be a thing of children or almost mission impossible. Although it is strange the management and direction of projects can help us, and to make it even easier to propose this simple test in which you have to choose the option that best suits your personal preferences. 1. what you… Read More »

How the Olympics, and Nadal give us lessons to apply to the company

What Nadal in the Olympics has taught us The Olympics are, for sports lovers, a moment enjoyalthough we can also remove business lessons. Today we will talk about the effort that may involve theresignation and say No and will do so by examining the RafaNadal not to play the first match of mixed doubles in theseOlympic Games Rio 2016. What circumstances made him say No to Nadal? • Nadal had already been 2 games played this day due to thesuspension by the bad weather of the competition theprevious day. • Your wrist wasn’t 100%. A few days before the Olympics hedoubted if he could participate because he had been injuredfor 2 months. • It was an uncertain party, with risk. Never before hadplayed even trained with Muguruza, who despite also beinga great tennis player, was unaware of what the attach racingtogether. • He had other important challenges the next day whereobtaining medal doubles (trophy finally managed to do) wasplaying and had to prioritize. Even the immense physical strength of Nadal is a limitedresource, which, as such, needs to be invested in the mostcost-effective and efficient way possible. At the Faculty of Economics, they taught me thatadministrator implies ¨gestionar scarce resources that haveuses alternativos¨ and applies to personal life, theprofessional and also to the sport. Nadal, being the star that is, said No with the humility thatcharacterizes, after consulting his team, who acknowledgedthat he was, so its not was a non-friendly. But what it costs us say No? Fearing not to like. Avoid conflict. Because if we say what we feel guilty. Because willingness to help dominates us above our ownneeds or desires. Wanting to prove that we are capable of everything, even theimpossible. Fearing to bring out our limitations. Because we don’t like to miss the opportunities even if theyare risky or even impossible. How can we say No without hurting? Listening carefully to what we requested. Evaluating the request, rationalizing the consequences thatwill have to say Yes and comply and the advantages anddisadvantages of No. Making our map of decision of pros and cons associatedwith each of the alternatives. If it doesn’t suit us, saying No in a way clear, bluntly andwithout creating false expectations, but with good words. Stating the reasons for the refusal of clearly and concisely,avoiding justify us and taking the consequences. Presenting real alternatives and/or orienting towards otherpossibilities to the collaboration that we have given up. If we are going to tell that not do it as soon as possible,because projects have their timing and we must give theother party the option of ¨it to look for life with anyalternative that we may not be. We say No to the project or specific action with respect,without ¨cargarnos ¨ the relationship with that person orinstitution. Do it without hurting proposed by who, solidly claiming ourdecision. Not feel guilty by saying No Our own life plans require fidelity and can not be distortedby the inability to reject outside requests. What is assertiveness? According to the RAE assertiveness is the ability to expressown opinions firmly, i.e. have security in itself to be able tosay NO whenever it is necessary. Like all pleasing, but charity and well-understood respectstarts with self so it is vital to have clear priorities to outsidepressures or the desire to be good. Own needs and wishesmust prevail. Doing things right takes time. Equally we are chefs in arestaurant, would be impossible to cook a toasted chicken in5 minutes. By much desire we have to taste the impatientcustomer, in this case see clearly that Cook should say No tothe anxious client’s request. This request impossible chickencooked in minutes, is not very different from the demandsthat we sometimes make our superiors, but, despite theimpossibility, we are not able to deny unworkablerequirements. Please say if knowing that it is not feasible will be wrongbecause time will put in evidence that we not comply unlessno one remember times unworkable or impossible and willonly be that we did a job sloppy or simply does not do ourcommitted Word. Not being able to say not by fear or insecurities, we will begenerating ourselves personal dissatisfaction andunhappiness. In some countries where I have worked professionally, is notin their codes say No and therefore it is difficult to work.Because the ¨sies¨, even the ¨dichos with the pequena¨mouth, understand them as an if committed in theperformance of what is assumed and not as an escape tothe impossibility of say a not. I advocate transparency in business because if the rules ofthe game are not clear it is very difficult to move forwardand not to disguise the No´s is part of this transparency. It is clear that he can not cater to all, that the day has 24hours and our resources are limited and therefore we haveto make the best use, which is consistent with our ownneeds and those of our people. Of course, just as bad i.e. notby system who say that if ever. I think that saying No reasoned is not at odds with thegenerosity to others and the ability to fight, but that is amatter of consistency, honesty and maturity and of courseself-esteem. It is necessary to strike a balance between thedesires of others and their own. We must not give up our vital objectives by the desire ofpleasing and look good or the pretension to prove who weare not. NOT sincere and argued implies respect ourselves andothers. We learn from this lesson of greatness that Nadal has taughtus in the Olympics. To surrender with humility and say No toa possibility that also a priori was attractive but that put atrisk other options. Possibly that not is what allowed him towin Olympic gold in doubles men.

How to use technology to improve the management of human resources?

The technology is causing its effects in the different socialfields and also in companies. Continuous technologicaladvances and the breakneck speed with which areproduced, are forcing change the business routine. So muchso that technology, is configured as the primary tool toimprove the management in each of the departments of thecompany. Around this context driven digital age, IMFBusiness School and the newspaper the Spanish organized abreakfast where responsible for the departments of humanresources of relevant companies in each sector reflectedabout the role of the new technologies in the managementof human resources and human capital. The meeting presented and moderated by Carlos Martínez, CEO of IMF Business School and John Müller, Deputy Director of the Spanish, counted with the participation of Miguel Angel Miranda, Director of Deloitte human Caporal, Enrique Escalante, Director of human resources Havas Media, Jaumà Gurt, Director of human resources Schisbted, Itxaso Larrañaga, Director of people… Read More »

Masters MBAs executive, online y full time

Progress in your career: our graduates increase their salary and improve professionally 93% of the students who take an MBA online get a job with a salary 20% higher than the average, according to a study prepared by the consultant Hamilton Global Intelligence. MFIs ‘ MBA graduates provide professional added value and a comparative advantage… Read More »

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10 reasons to study an MBA

The areas of business and administration are the most demanded by Spanish companies. According to the surveys conducted by GMAC, 86% of MBA students have found work after obtaining the upper degree. The MBA is a postgraduate training that opens the doors of the labor market. Then we show you ten Reasons to study an… Read More »

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